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Shaollin Temple Thai Restaurant ambeince

Shaollin Temple: Thai and Chinese Restaurant – Navi Mumbai

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Shaollin Temple: Thai and Chinese Restaurant

Shaollin Temple Thai Restaurant
Shaollin Temple Thai Restaurant

I believe that with theme restaurants, it’s the ambience and the overall ‘feel’ that make it work! Be it Middle Eastern, Chinese, South Indian etc, the more authentic the presentation and styling, the more appealing it becomes. Food, offcourse, has to live upto the plug. When the concoction is just correct, the place hits off with patrons.

While driving around Palm Beach Road just the other late evening, we looked for oriental fine dining options. I spotted Shaolin Temple- Thai and Chinese Restaurant, tucked away in a quaint corner. ‘Thai’, that one word was enough to beckon us foodies inside. The place was abuzz with dinners late at night and made for a welcoming gesture.


The interiors are aptly done promising a Far-Eastern fare. The best part is that nothing is over-done to hard sell it as ‘Chinese’. There is subtle mix of bamboo shoots, Buddha, monochromatic shades of reds, rosewood furniture and chopsticks. The place isn’t sprawling yet not too crammed either.

Shaollin Temple – Decor


Shaollin Temple  – Decor


While the menu boasts of a promising variety in Thai and Chinese, we were taken aback when the attendance announced that ‘No Thai’ could be served at the moment. It was a heartbreaking message as we dropped in only for it. To add insult to the injury, even dimsums weren’t available. The attendant didn’t specify the reason though. Left with no choice, we ordered Chinese.

The Veg Lemon-Coriander soup was soothing and set the tables for the evening. For starters, Basa fish in ginger wine was a delight. Golden and slightly crispy at the outer and juicy at inside! Prawns in crushed dry red chilli too turned out to be good. The spices were just right, nothing too hot or bland either. Chicken Coriander Pot Noodles were decent and were served generously in large quantities. We were full by then, however, though of trying their much publicized chocolate dimsums for desserts. Sadly, that again wasn’t available.






I had heard promising reviews of its staff and chefs from visitors previously. Though, the one serving us appeared nonchalant. He didn’t bother to explain us the reason behind the unavailability of Thai food at such a peak hour. He kept dumping subsequent dishes into our platter without even waiting for us to finish what was served earlier. Let alone bothering to change the plates after starters or even refilling water. May be it was not the best day for us to visit Shaolin Temple.



The vivid Sino-Thai menu is impressive only if they serve all that is mentioned. The pricing too was affordable and ambiance was great. Will visit again for digging the remaining cuisines.



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