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The Oriental Odyssey – Sizzle with Simon Cabaret

Simon Cabaret

The billboard at the venue


While planning our trip to Phuket, we were told about various ‘must see’ tourists destinations and things not to be missed out on.
Apart from everything else, what really caught our fancy was Simon Cabaret. An extremely popular show among tourists and a highlight of Patong’s nightlife, the cabaret was on our wish list too.
We at the venue.. :-)


The quintessential Thai style counter at the entrance

However, after browsing the Internet and even flipping through Phuket tourism’s official guide, we couldn’t figure out much about the show.
 There were no pictures, no videos, no previews etc anywhere. We wondered why such a celebrated show has been unwritten about!


A performer poses with the audience


Amusingly enough, many visitors from various Asian cultures inevitably associate cabaret with raunchy and seductive dance performance, thanks to Hindi movies. 

We too were apprehensive as to what the show would be like.
Me again…


The tickets are available on the venue for 600 Bahts each. However, you may also get them booked through your hotel. 

The charge includes pick and drop facility from where you are lodged. Advance booking is recommended.
Performers after the show


The 90 minutes extravaganza is sure a glitzy colourful ride. Musical sequences coupled with high energy dance performances are quite entertaining. 

To me it seemed like a Bollywood potboiler with high drama, over the top costumes and actors who break into an impromptu jig. The show, considering audiences from various countries, is also a cultural potpourri with popular dance forms from America, Latin America, China, Europe, Korea, India etc. 

I was fascinated to watch artistes perform the famous track ‘Dhin Tanaa’ from Shahrukh Khan- Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Om Shanti Om’. Kudos!
Taking pictures and recording during the show is strictly prohibited and is met with a hefty fine.

Now we understand why there aren’t any on the Internet!
Post the show, the ‘pretty’ performers offer the viewers to get pictures clicked with them. Mind you there aren’t any girls in the show. All of them are lady boys dressed convincingly.

A word of caution- Getting photographed with these drag queens would cost you a few Baht. The performers expect the patrons to tip them generously for pictures. Though, some of them are picky and demand a vulgar amount post the photo sessions. Be wise and avoid getting clicked with a larger group of artistes or you might end up paying big bucks to each one of them.  
Audience at the lobby after the show:-)



























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