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Sigree Global Grill – Malad

Sigree Global Grill-Malad


Indians love buffets! Where else can you binge on a hundred different foods at a time, savour multiples courses and still be unapologetic about it?

We Indians also like our food spicy and hot, say right out of the flame. No wonder, barbeque and buffet style restaurants are laughing their way to the bank.

With numerous restaurants under its umbrella across Mumbai and even pan-India, Sigree Global Grill is one such super buffet. This multi-cuisine eatery serves Desi, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Lebanese, Italian foods and yes that too straight out of a sigree (an open charcoal earthen oven). We visited on a Friday for dinner and the place oozed welcoming warmth.


Main Dining Area

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Sigree Global Grill at Malad is a sprawling place designed to accommodate large turn-outs for their lavish food spread. Open kitchen & bar, extensive buffet and offcourse the piping hot charcoal oven right at your table.


As most buffets, starters are a key element here. A sumptuous variety in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will leave you too full even before the main-course. A splendid mix of prawns, fish, chicken, mutton for non-vegetarians and a variety of paneer along with baked, fried and what not veggies over the charcoal grill is impressive. We were also served pizza, sea-food sautéed vegetables along with soups, breads and dips in the first course.

2. Sigree Global Grill-Starters2
Nachos,Bread & Dips For Welcome
Veg & Non-Veg Starters At The Charcoal Grill

Liquor is served and charged separately. Go for a pint of beer or wine with starters, which served on the table.





Main course primarily has desi food including Biryanis, Daal Makhani, Kofta, Curries, meat and vegetable preparations, pulav etc along with noodles. Selection of salads is impressive as well.

1. Sigree Global Grill-starters1
Selection of Salads & Sauces
Segree Global Grill - main course
Biryani For The Main Course

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Desserts deserve a special mention as they are heavenly. If you have a sweet tooth, be prepared to let you hair down and devour. From Indian sweets as Paan Pasanda, Kheer kadam, Gulab jamuns, Sondesh, Moong dal halwa, Gaajar halwa, Karachi halwa to an array of ice creams, multiple cakes, pastries, cheesecakes, fruit dips and fresh fruits! You don’t want you meal to end.

Sigree Global Grill-Deserts-4
Raspberry,Green Apple & Butter Scotch Cheesecakes

Sigree Global Grill-Deserts-3

Sigree Global Grill-Deserts-5
Selection Of Frozen Desserts. Also seen are Gulab Jamuns & Moong Dal Halwa


Sigree Global Grill- Deserts-1
Assorted Dessert Platter
Sigree Global Grill-Deserts-2
Fresh Fruits,Kheer Kadam,Gulab Jamun,Moong Dal Halwa & Cakes

What needs improvement?

Though, the staff is very courteous and food is great, a little care has to be taken while serving initial courses on the table. Let patrons enjoy the starters patiently, rather than dumping stuff in their plates like bombs every other second. Good food is savoured not hogged. Also, on a few tables the sigree didn’t seem to working, the charcoal wasn’t hot enough, let alone the food be grilled.


Sigree Global Grill Malad, is a great place to hang out in small groups and even for office outings. The atmosphere is buzzing and pricing is reasonable too for the lavish spread. A must try!


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