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Say bye-bye to skin tan

De-tan with ease after a beach holiday
There could be nothing as great as a blissful beach holiday. However, if you are an absolute Neptune baby, your skin is likely to bear burns and tan post a beach stint.


A majority of people end up shelling out big bucks on salon visits and personal care products complaining of dark and damaged skin. 

We ask you to stop losing your mind over it and follow a few very simple home remedies to retain the lost glow. 

A couple of inexpensive and effective things, commonly found in the kitchen, would make you ditch costly creams. 

Gram flour, curd and turmeric work wonders for skin
The first step to de-tanning! Exfoliating not just helps get rid of dark and dead layer but also polishes the skin beneath.
1-Take coarse gram flour, commonly known as ‘mota besan’ and mix it with cold curd to make a smooth paste. Curd could be replaced by raw milk for treating oily skin. Add a pinch of turmeric and whip everything together. Refrigerate it for a while as the cold paste would have a tightening effect. Wet skin and apply. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and rub it gently for a few moments to polish your body. Rinse to see the results. Repeating it every third day would work wonders. 

2-For those with sensitive and acne prone skin, exfoliating is a tricky job. Scrubbing too much can result in a break out. Go easy! 

Grind almonds coarsely and soak them in raw milk for an hour or two. Apply on wet skin and leave till it dries out. Rub gently in circular motion and rinse. Use toner to finish out. 

Soak almonds to make a great gentle scrub
Darkening of the skin due to coastal sun takes time to go. Don’t panic too much and keep working towards retaining your complexion. 

1-Take a few spoons of milk cream, curd or raw milk and squeeze a lemon in it. Whip it for a few moments to check the consistency and apply. Leave it for atleast 30 minutes while you enjoy your favourite music or TV show. Rinse thoroughly. Those with oily skin should avoid milk cream, though. 

2-Applying fresh cucumber, tomato or orange juice for 30 minutes would also lighten your skin. 

Apply tomato and cucumber juice to remove tan
Once the tan is gone you would naturally like to shine even more J
Here are a few simple steps 

1-Dry orange peels at home while ensuring that it remains free of dust and dirt. Grind it with some rosewater and add a pinch of good old haldi (turmeric). Mix some fuller’s clay or any face pack you use regularly to bind the loose peel paste. Adjust the consistency with rosewater and apply. Leave it till drying and rinse. Follow with a good moisturizer.  

Orange peel brightens skin
2-And here’s the mother of all home remedies for skin problems. Squeeze aloe vera gel and leave it on your skin for as long as you want. A supple and nourished skin is guaranteed. 

Try these simple ways of bidding tan adieu and save money for next beach vacation 😀 

 I have tried them all myself 

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