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London Diaries – My Vibrant Vicinity !

A walk around my neighbourhood
Outside my apartment at Devonshire Street
Today begins a fresh chapter in the series of my travel memoirs.
From pristine coasts of Far-East Asia, I now have come to experience the grandeur of Europe. 
Endowed generously with man-made and natural beauty, Europe is certainly a wanderer’s delight.
Every nook of London’s lanes echoes of its glorious past. The structures and statues so stunning, one would end up time travelling to the eras gone-by! A lifestyle so flamboyant, you couldn’t help but be covetous of. 
No wonder, individuals from all ethnicity flock to the splendid city to be a part of its hustle-bustle. Call it culture-cocktail, I don’t see any five people together belonging to identical ethnicity
Devonshire street
I consider myself among those fortunate souls who get to live in Central London, that too just a few blocks away from the iconic Madam Tussads, Oxford Street and Regents ParkJ
Street lamps adorned with Pansies
Walking down the Devonshire Street, from my apartment to the Tussads, is a joyous stroll. Excited visitors carrying cameras of all shape and sizes to get themselves clicked with their favourite celeb at the wax museum make a delightful sight. I would be sharing an account of my own visit to the Tussads pretty soon.
Madam Tussads as seen from the street
British summers are prettier than I had heard about. Pleasant sunshine and soothing breezes would greet you everyday. Street lamps are adorned with bouquets of fuchsia and white Pansies. No wonder, butterflies and honey bees hover around the lanes and would often be seen on your window.
The iconic London telephone booths
The happiest part of the season is that the sun shines for 18 hours straight and you can stroll around till it is almost midnight.
My affair with the glorious city has just begun. Keep reading as the romance unfolds :-)
India’s film and TV industry sure has a world wide reach. Promotional posters of a TV show are all over buses
Marylebone station reflects unmatched British architecture
The underground passage to the station
Hilton hotel

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