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Indian coffee House 1

Indian Coffee House-Pondicherry

Past Forward!

Visiting Indian Coffee House ushers one to the Colonial era.

The British architecture, vintage furniture and a dated menu are instrumental in taking you back to the pre-independence time where the biggest revolutions against the Raaj brewed over cups of coffee.

Indian coffee House 2
Of my love for everything vintage, I prefer Indian Coffee House over any modern and glitzy café.

During our prolonged stay in Pondicherry, we remained hooked to it for every meal. The building at Nehru Street is offcourse old but tidy and cozy. We inevitably used to have our breakfast, brief lunch and evening coffee everyday at the cafe.

The menu has extremely inexpensive meals and snacks that are freshly prepared. Considering the large footfall throughout the day, one can easily see the staff preparing fresh meals and brewing pots & pots of fragrant coffee.

Indian coffee House 3
The menu is humbly priced

We devoured on a variety of dosas, ildlis, uttappams, puris, vadas and what not. Considering the hot weather, there were a number of cold beverages like rose and almond milk, cold coffees, ice cream shakes, frozen custards etc.
The service is prompt, however, considering the large number of visitors one might have to wait for a table.

Indian coffee House 4
Vada-Sambhar and Poha for breakfast

Indian coffee House 5

Indian coffee House 7

Indian coffee House 8
Poori Bhaaji

Those expecting glittery cafes serving continental snacks and an English speaking staff will be disappointed. The staff barely understands anything but Tamil though was quick to make us comfortable everytime.
Don’t forget to ask for freshly grounded coffee beans to carry home. I brought 250 gms of coarse coffee for almost peanuts and am enjoying the strong taste in my kitchen till date.

Indian coffee House 6
Cooling off with Rose Milk and Fruit Ice cream on a hot day


Address –  125, J.N. Street, Near Muthu Silk House, Puducherry, 605001
Phone- 0413 233 7572



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