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The Oriental Odyssey – Phi Phi Islands

The Oriental Odyssey

Blue tranquil waters, breathtaking landscapes, rich flora & fauna along with a rocking nightlife, Thailand sure offers more than you can ask for!
Famous for its serene beaches and scintillating party scene, the oriental country has come up as a favourite holiday spot for all who want to unwind in style.
As Bangkok and Pattaya remain the ultimate destinations for party people, Phuket and Krabi are steadily catching up among those who admire natural beauty.


Landing at Phuket International Airport surrounded by gorgeous waters.
 My friends had earlier told me that Phuket is worth a visit only if one wants to chill at its most happening area Patong and explore the glitzy party scenario.
I, however, found Phuket much fascinating than just Patong. With quiet and serene beaches, cultural events and world class shopping experience, it strikes a perfect balance between a peaceful yet hip getaway destination!
My stay at Phuket was too enthralling an experience to be written about in brief. Stay tuned for a separate blog, just on its way :-) For the time being, enjoy the account of our mystical journey to the Phi-Phi...   

 Phi-Phi Islands tour

On our Ferry Sea Angel as we leave for Phi Phi
 We took off from our hotel Sunset Beach Resort, North Patong, to a day-long trip to this beautiful cluster of tiny islands. Koh Phi-Phi is a group of six islands located almost 40 kms into deep seas, from Phuket. If you really want to experience the unexplored magnificent beaches with silvery white sands and exotic marine life, don’t miss out on Phi-Phi tour.
A view from the deck
 One could choose from an array of speed boats, small & large ferries and really minute fisher boats to reach Phi-Phi. It all depends on your pocket and your knack for adventure. There are several agencies in Phuket offering good deals to tourists. For the first timers, it would be recommended that they book through their hotel.
The mystical Viking Caves
Small fisherman boats
Try speed boats only if you want to reach your destination early than slowly soaking in the beauty around.
A large ferry with lots of passengers on board would allow you to socialise with fellow tourists and learn interesting things from their experiences. Also, it is a good option if you are travelling with a large group of friends..
Inside our ferry
View of  the magnificent mountains standing amidst the sea 
Trust me,the sea route would take one’s breath away

The Phi-Phi though comprises of six islands, however, Phi-Phi Don and Phi-Phi Leh remain the most visited ones. Infact, Hollywood movie ‘The Beach’ featuring Leonardo Dicaprio was shot at Maya Bay in Phi-Phi Leh. 
A small piece of advice-Those fond of water activities like diving and snorkeling would find opportunities aplenty on Maya Bay. However, you must then chose a smaller boat to travel as bigger ferries like ours would not go too near the beach. You must be a good swimmer  to reach the beach all on your own and participate in sporting activities. Considering none of us were decent swimmers, we had no choice than to wait back in the ferry before it proceeds with the journey. Most of the travel agencies provide snorkeling kits for as less as 100 Baht.





Snorkelers’ paradise, Maya Bay as seen from our deck. 
Reaching Phi-Phi island was delightful. Silvery beaches against stark green hills are stunning.



View of Phi-Phi island dockyard 

Welcome to the Phi-Phi
For shoppers, a colourful flea market selling stuff like sarongs, dresses, hats, trinkets, sunglasses on the island could be quite a sight. Don’t forget to bargain and check the item thoroughly for minor defects before you seal the deal.     


Tourists flock the flea market

Most of the tour agencies provide an elaborated Thai buffet in the course of the journey. Ours was no different! We were served various tangy curries, rice, salads and chicken cuisines. If you are a vegetarian then stick to fresh fruits, served in ample, and coconut soups as most dishes would comprise minced chicken and sea food. 

Our buffet area 

Foodies cooling off post the lunch.
Don’t forget to click as many pictures as you may of the pretty Phi-Phi beach. 
The phi phi is a group of virgin islands with abundant natural beauty and peaceful surroundings to help you unwind.We enjoyed our journey as much as we savored the experience of being on the island.

Things to remember:

1-Carry an extra pair of clothes and towel if you want to take dips at various beach stops. Sunscreen and moisturizer are a must.
2- Parents with little ones should be careful on ferries and also on the beaches. Keep a tab on their activities and ensure they don’t move around un-escorted.
3-  Be cautious of the time during various beach breaks in the course of the journey. Most ferries provide tourists with a decent time limit to stroll on the beaches before returning to proceed with the trip. If you lose the track of time while chilling on the beach, you might find yourself stranded as ferries don’t wait beyond a point :-/
4-  Don’t lose the travel token or sticker given to you by ferry /boat management. It identifies passengers of various cruises from one another,for islands buffets,boarding and de-boarding purposes.

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